Oasis xs Velvets special Surprise

Central Regional Champion JUNIOR

World TOP 5 


AMHA: A 193876
AMHR: 308065 T
Sire: Lucky Four Black Velvet Supreme 

Dam: HFM Whistling Dixie
Foaled: 02/16/2009
Colour: sorrel
Pedigree: download PDF

What a surprise she was, after her dam foaled only colts before. Another Velvet filly with an extreme dished Arabian head and tons of show presence.

She has a perfect body with long straight fine boned legs. She is a high quality filly, and she gets everyone’s attention.

We are planning to retain her for our breeding program.

Surprise was Central Regional Champion AOTE Jr. Mares and World Top 5 (4th) AOTE Jr. Mare.

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